Springboard & Navigator reveal to participants their unknown potential

and motivate men and women to own their development, set goals for their future

and seize the opportunities around them.


These personal and professional development programmes are spread over four months including –

  • Four active one-day workshops

  • Coaching partnerships

  • A personal 300-page development workbook

  • Networking

  • Diverse and thought-provoking guest speakers


The programmes are tailored to the different enablers and potential blockages that influence men and women in their development and their career choices.


  Self-knowledge   Confidence & Assertiveness   Chance Taking   Values    

  Managing Change   Enhancing Relationships    Overcoming Setbacks        

  Work-Life Balance   Setting Goals   Gaining Recognition   Feedback    Coaching   Managing Stress

  Positive Image   Planning the Future  


Our experienced facilitators bring these highly acclaimed programmes to life with a supportive approach, practical tools and real life examples. Please contact us to register your interest in future open programmes or to explore an in-house programme for your workforce.

The Results

In an evaluation involving over 500 participants in the Springboard & Navigator programmes in the UK -

  • Over 80% reported increased self-belief and goal setting

  • More than two thirds had taken on more responsibilities at work

  • 75% could evidence a more positive attitude, being more open to change and greater participation in meetings as a direct result of the programme

  • Three quarters could provide evidence of improved problem-solving

  • Nearly 70% had improved relationships with 81% emotionally healthier

  • Over two thirds reported that other people had commented on the positive changes they had made with two thirds saying this had been reflected in their formal appraisal

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Navigator for Men & Springboard for Women Development Programmes