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Springboard has delivered results for women around the world - and now you can bring the dynamic programme to your staff or host the programme for your clients.

Open courses are also available for individuals to book onto the inspiring programme.


Springboard is delivered over a 3-4 month period and combines four one-day workshops, a self-study workbook and a coaching support system tailored to your organisation. The programme aims to help women to achieve their full potential by addressing topics such as self knowledge, assertiveness, strengths and areas for development, positive goal-setting, overcoming setbacks, chance taking, career progression, work-life balance and lots more.

   Springboard was a turning point for me. It has opened my eyes

 to my potential.





What is particularly impressive is that everyone on the course has reported personal progress. They are more assertive, more confident and

more committed.


Getting the best out of your staff has never been more important


Many organisations have found that Springboard has -

  • maximised the impact of high potential staff

  • spurred talented women to progress their careers

  • given employees the confidence to speak up in meetings and voice their ideas

  • inspired moves into unconventional roles easing skills shortages

  • fostered improved colleague and client relations

  • inspired women to set goals and see solutions rather than problems

  • given women the confidence to take chances and try new ideas

  • facilitated work-life balance solutions

  • enabled women to take on more responsibilities at work

  • enhanced the personal impact and contribution of employees


Springboard also supports your talent management strategy and puts your diversity plan and gender objectives into action.


Call us to discuss how you can boost talent with Springboard - call Vanessa on 0791 368 0088 or e-mail [email protected]

The Award-Winning Women's Development Programme

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