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You've come to the right place for people development and diversity projects to promote inclusion and help people achieve their full potential in your workplace, school, college, university, charity or community.


With a supportive, creative and practical approach, we can help you in lots of ways, from developing a long-term diversity programme to a one-off training or community inclusion event. Our work is often described as dynamic, engaging, thought-provoking and inspiring. Plus, we're fun to work with!


Even better, we are a giftwork enterprise which means that by booking with us you are also enabling us to donate our time and skills to good causes and community groups. Learn more about The Energise Story.

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Contact us to bring the inspiring Springboard women's development programme to your workplace, charity or community group - we have have boosted empowerment and progression with women at Motorpoint, NHS, Local Authorities, Emergency Services and Karma Nirvana plus open programmes for all women ready to reflect, reinvigorate, develop and grow, moving towards fulfilling career and life goals


Great feedback on our Banter & Bystanders workshops on how to challenge exclusive language and banter that goes too far - check out our taster workshop resource sheet


Bias Hides in Open Minds - contact us about our popular unconscious bias workshops


Our founder is running free Human Library events to change perceptions. Read more about this global equalities movement #giftwork


Is your organisation trans friendly? Contact us for trans & gender identity courses


Energise runs inspiring diversity workshops for clients around the UK including Councils, NHS, Police, EMFEC, FE & HE as well as corporate and third sector organisations

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